Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy , vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 77-93, 2003
A Randomized, Controlled Study of Kan Jang versus Amantadine in the Treatment of Influenza in Volgograd
L. L. Kulichenko, L. V. Kireyeva, E. N. Malyshkina, G. Wikman

Two randomized, parallel-group clinical studies with a verum and a control group were performed to investigate the effect of a standardized extract (SHA-10) of Andrographis panaiculata (N.) fixed combination Kan Jang in the treatment of diagnosed influenza viral infection. The pilot study was performed on 540 patients with 71 Kan Jang-treated patients with the second phase conducted enrolling 66 patients. The differences in the duration of sick leave and frequency of post-influenza complications indicate that the Kan Jang phytopreparation not only contributes to quicker recovery, but also reduces the risk of post-influenza complications. Kan Jang was well tolerated by patients.

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